PRIMARIES – Ages 4-6

The teachers are currently using the Radiant Life curriculum that is flexible so activities can be rearranged to best suit the needs of the classroom.

We prepare for God’s Word with an offering container; an “Attendance/Memory” poster with stickers to encourage the children to have perfect attendance and scripture memorization; a project in conjunction with the Bible story and songs of praise.

The next part of the lesson is a Bible Story with visuals; a Bible story review; a handwork packet where the children have a hands-on project, and the Bible verse.
Some topics we have covered are:

• Learning About God’s Word (how He created everything)
• How God Helps with Our Feelings (being happy, afraid, thankful & sorry)
• God Helps Me Do Good
• Bible Kings (like Solomon & Joash Boy King)
• Queen Esther
• Bible Heroes (like Jonah, Daniel & Elijah)
• Jesus, Our King

Teachers can choose from several Active Learning projects to work with the children to help them understand the lesson for the day. We have time for Worship, praising the Lord with songs and prayer time, where the children are able to share their prayer requests. There are also take-home pamphlets for the children to work with their parents at home to reinforce the scripture and what they have learned in Sunday school that day.