Parenting Seminar Testimonials

Here are some testimonials about our recent parenting seminar…

“As a parent of three teenagers, I was excited to sign up for this class.  The class was run like a college course (without the test or papers to hand in!).  College classes are quite expensive; this course was FREE!  There were discussions and lively interactions in the class.  The course had a book to take home.  The book had strategies on how to recognize and deal with addictions and poor choices including getting to the root of the emotions and thoughts that pull people to addiction.  I am grateful for practical advice and strategies on parenting and raising children in a harsh, ungodly world.” — JK


“I thought about not going to the Parenting Seminar because my children are all grown up.  Why would I need the seminar at this point in my life?  The reason I did go was because I know I have the best teacher who just happens to be my Pastor whose goal is always to equip us and send us out as disciples to do the work of the kingdom.  I was so glad I did go.  It was amazing!  This seminar revealed where I went wrong with my children and how I can still make it right.  How I can speak into the lives of my grand children, great nieces and nephews and the children of our congregation.  I will also be looking at the prisoners at the jail I work at in a different way, remembering all that was taught at this awesome seminar!” — DS


“We found out our son was smoking and we were not to happy about it.  At the parenting seminar we learned that there is always a root cause for starting a destructive habit.  Instead of yelling at him which is a most normal response that parents do.  We applied this lesson when we had to confront him about this.  When we asked him what it was that started it , he told us it was peer pressure that caused him to start.” — BA.