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Oct 09

Is This True?

“Is This True?”

“And where two or more are gathered together in My Name, I will be there…”  Matthew 18:20


I would like to ask you to meditate on this verse. Do you think Jesus was speaking figuratively or literally? Of course, He was speaking LITERALLY! That means that whenever two or more disciples gather together in the Name of Jesus (ie: to worship Him and fellowship together) HE WILL BE PRESENT WITH THEM!  This is the key to the entire New Testament Believer’s experience. THE PRESENCE OF GOD LIVING IN AND WITH US!!


Think of it, we can get together with friends, family, coworkers and associates. Jesus never promises to be present in those settings. However, when we gather for HIM, He promises to be there. Can you imagine that? Jesus Himself, PRESENT with His worshiping disciples!! An in His presence, there is fullness of Joy; there is peace and healing; love and power – all for us to experience! This is why we are changed after spending time in the presence of Jesus!


All the foregoing begs a very serious question. “Why would anyone ever want to miss that experience?” What activity can we do that trumps the presence of the Creator of the Universe and all that is in it? Beloved, last month I wrote about the fact that the Lord is seeking true worshippers. He is! Whenever He finds them gathered, HE COMES AND MAKES HIS PRESENCE KNOWN AMONG THEM! This is what makes Born Again believers exceptional! This is what makes us a “chosen generation; a royal priesthood; a peculiar people…”!


I would like to challenge you this month to be present every time we come together at Lighthouse. We are gathering for HIM! He’s the reason why we are in existence. We don’t come for a sermon, a friend, comfort or anything else. These things may be incorporated into our experience, BUT THE MAIN REASON WE GATHER IS FOR HIM AND HIS PRESENCE. Let’s examine our hearts; make some changes in our schedules and determine not to miss any opportunity to be in the Presence of our King!


May the Lord continually bless you and your family.


In Christ,

Pastor Damian




Aug 05

Learning to Have Hope

Learning To Have Hope

“The Righteous person experiences many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue every time.”  Psalm 34:19


When we speak of having hope, most people have a very wrong understanding of it. For many, the absence of problems is what makes for what they would call “hopeful conditions.” When faced with many problems, they may term those as hopeless conditions. When people find themselves in hopeless conditions, the questions usually comes up which asks, “What did I do wrong?” or “Why is God doing this to me; have I offended Him?” or “I must have committed some sin that He needs to tell me about so this hopelessness can end.” I think you get the picture… Get ready….


            The FACT is that THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS TRUE! You haven’t done anything wrong; there is no secret sin; there is no Divine offense you have committed. What “brings about our problems is”…. WE ARE RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE STRIVING TO LIVE HOLY LIVES!! The world, the flesh and the devil are no problem to sinners. The devil doesn’t harass them; he’s already got them. He only goes after the RIGHTEOUS, the Sons and Daughters of God through Christ! The enemy attacks the “household of faith.” In fact, the presence of troubles should be an indication that WE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!


            The presence of TROUBLES accompanies RIGHTEOUS LIFESTYLE. A righteous lifestyle is PLEASING TO THE LORD. When our lives are lived to please the Lord, the DEVIL ATTACKS US! When he attacks us with troubles, WE HAVE AN ASSURANCE FROM THE SCRIPTURE THAT THE LORD WILL DELIVER US, AND COME TO THE RESCUE EVERY SINGLE TIME! THAT’S HOPEFUL! You see, the assurance we have of deliverance, breakthrough and provision SHOULD BUILD HOPE IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS! Remember the last time you had troubles? Did you pray? Did the Lord deliver? Has this cycle been repeated “many” times? If so, OUR HEARTS SHOULD BE FULL OF HOPE; NEVER THINK HOPELESS THOUGHTS OR ENTERTAIN HOPELESS FEELINGS.




            No matter how many troubles we have, WE KNOW that the LORD WILL COME TO OUR RESCUE EVERY SINGLE TIME WHEN WE PUT OUR TRUST IN HIM! Therefore, troubles are reminders that we’re righteous. They are opportunities for God to show up! What better foundation for HOPE can there be?


            May the Lord bless you continually from His Throne!

May 02

Our Great Promise Keeper

Our Great Promise Keeper

You have kept your promise to your servant, …

You made that promise with your own mouth, and with Your own hands You have fulfilled it today.”  (2 Chronicles 6:15 NLT)


             The verse above is part of a prayer offered by King Solomon, the son of David, at the time of the dedication of the Temple he built for the Lord in Jerusalem. He begins his prayer with thanksgiving to the Lord for His great faithfulness to His word. God made those promises to David and to Solomon and He kept every one of them!

             God is a Promise Keeper! The Bible teaches us that every promise of God is “backed up by His NAME. This means that He Himself is the Personal Guarantor of  EVERY promise in the Bible. God made provision for all Solomon was called to do an entire generation before he was born! He gave King David the passion, the fire, the resources, the connections and relationships to those resources. He gave David great FAVOR with Gentile Kings and others. EVERTHING Solomon would need to fulfill his destiny in building the Temple was “set-up” by God before Solomon was born!

Do we realize that every promise God has made, and ever makes to us HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVIDED FOR BY HIM in the same way it was for Solomon? God never makes a promise without making the appropriate provision to fulfill it. He makes the promise with his own mouth – we are called to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God! Then He fulfills them with HIS OWN HAND. That hand is never incapacitated; it’s never “short”; it reaches where it needs to and accomplishes what it must! His hand NEVER FAILS to accomplish a promise! He is never surprised so that He doesn’t have the resources to keep a promise. But there’s more…

God kept those promises to Solomon for his father David’s sake. It was because David was a “man after God’s own heart” that God favored Solomon and blessed him. God didn’t base his promise keeping upon Solomon’s performance. He based it on David’s. That’s called GRACE – undeserved and unearned FAVOR of God. Do you know that God keeps His promises to us for the sake of the Son of David, Jesus and not our performance either? It’s called GRACE – undeserved and unearned FAVOR! We serve a Great Promise-Making AND Promise-Keeping God! He never, ever fails to do what he promises! Now that is Someone we can TRUST unquestionably and without ever doubting Him.

Has He made a promise to you? He will keep it. He is so faithful that the confirmation that He will KEEP His promise is established by the fact that He MADE it in the first place. So, when you have any promise from God, IT’S AS GOOD AS DONE! You should just begin to thank Him for the answer!

May the Lord bless you and your family,

Pastor Damian