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Apr 09

Because He Lives!




“Because He Lives…!”

“…can these bones become living people again?”   (Ezekiel 37:3)

          The verse above may not seem to have anything to do with the Easter Season we’re celebrating at this time; but I assure you it has EVERYTHING to do with it! 

We are living in a culture that seems to have more of a focus on death than life! The Walking Dead is a very popular TV series; movies are being made concerning the apparently inevitable Zombie Uprising that is going to come upon us – soon so some think. While I don’t watch these kinds of shows and movies, I did have an interesting conversation recently with someone who does. The show is not only about zombies who have died for some reason and are walking around, dead, seeking a meal. The “zombies” are also the living characters in the TV series. Apparently, there are many people whose lives are “dead” and lifeless on a number of levels, least of all physically. Folks are walking around with “dead emotions, hopes and dreams.” Their lives have been a series of failings and heartbreaks and they have become numbed to the world around them. Some people are walking around so hurt and wounded that they might as well be “skeletons.” Herein lies our question, “Can these bones become living people again?” The answer is, “Yes!” This is possible only because JESUS LIVES!

 The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead signaled the end of the reign of sin, death and hell over the human race. All those who put their trust in Christ, make the spiritual transition from death to life (John 5:24). They are enabled to live life like never before in this world; and eternally in the world to come! Because Jesus is alive, people with broken lives, dreams, relationships, emotions and wounded spirits can find LIFE when they put their trust in Christ! Because He is STILL ALIVE, He is continuing to heal the broken-hearted, heal the sick and raise the dead (physically and spiritually)!

 How does this happen? By the same way Ezekiel saw it happen in his vision. The Spirit of God comes through the spoken word of the prophet and what was once dead becomes alive! Do you know that this same process takes place each time we gather together to hear the Word of God preached or taught? Pastors and Teachers all over our city speaking the Word of God with Holy boldness and prophetic authority release the same Spirit to potentially raise anyone of the “walking dead” to life again. The key is that each hearer hears with an ear of faith! Whenever and as often as that happens, LIVE WILL BE RESTORED! Jesus, the Living Savior, has never left someone in a “dead” state who has heard His Word with faith-filled hearts!

 …and He never will. May you find new life today because He lives. Any time you feel something “die” inside, remember that the Living One can breathe life back into any and every situation where He encounters a faith-filled heart!


           May the Lord bless you this Resurrection Sunday and always as you behold Him  who is “…alive forever more.” (Rev. 1:18) 

          Love in Christ, Pastor Damian


Mar 02

Our High Calling


“Our High Calling”

“But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives…” Phil. 3:20


One of the aquatic birds that my family enjoys watching is a pelican. Whenever we’ve been to Florida, we watch and laugh as they fly low to the water and suddenly plop down into it to catch a meal! They are so clumsy and awkward and funny to watch. Of course, we like to add sound effects to the entire scene, but that’s another story.

The Bible describes the children of God as “…mounting up with wings like eagles…” (Isa. 40:31) Eagles are so different from pelicans. They fly much higher; can see better; they can look directly into the sun; they swoop down ever so silently on their prey and snatch them in their talons before the prey knows what happened. High flying, stealth hunters and advanced “visionaries”.

Quite a contrast, wouldn’t you say?

Now, on to our topic: Do you know that we are citizens of heaven RIGHT NOW? That’s right; we are citizens of a heavenly city. It’s as if we belong there and are just visiting earth on a temporary visa! We find ourselves here, but we really belong there! Do you realize that New Testament Christians are called to live according to their heavenly citizenship? We are to live far above the ways of this world. We are to be Christ-like in our love and devotion to our Heavenly Father. We are to live by faith in what God has spoken rather than what we can see, feel and touch here on earth. Yes, we are to live like eagles. Sadly, many of us live more like pelicans. We “fly” too close to this earth and its corrupted systems. We mimic its ways; subject ourselves to its rules and are oppressed all too often. We’re not supposed to live like low-flying pelicans, BUT LIKE HIGH FLYING EAGLES!!

It’s time to fly higher! How do we do that? We saturate our minds with the Word of God; we learn to pray and intercede on God’s behalf for the needs of this world; we live transformed lives before a watching world whose lives desperately need to be transformed as well. We live a life of WORSHIP to the Lord. We no longer live like we belong here. We live like eagles! We gather where and when eagles gather and we grow together!

So, where are YOU living? Are you soaring with the wings of an eagle or plopping into the “lower life” like a pelican? Flying lessons are held at Lighthouse Tabernacle every Sunday at 10:30 and Wednesdays at 7:30. Come learn to fly with us! We all should live as close as possible to the “country” of our citizenship!

Love in Christ, Pastor Damian


Jan 31

God’s Favorite Instruments

“God’s Favorite Instruments”

“But God has chosen things considered foolish… powerless…despised…considered nothing at all…”  1 Cor. 1:27

  In this era of superstars and steroids, of American Idol, The Voice, and Britain’s Got Talent ordinary and average people seem to have no chance to really becoming something. Who knew we were surrounded by such a vast supply of talented individuals? It’s amazing to me to see the thousands gather for an opportunity to audition for one of these special events. What I think about is not the ones who will be chosen, but the thousands who will be “rejected.” It’s the same with sports championships. The Superbowl is coming up. I am always amazed at how dejected the “losing” team coach or quarterback behaves in the post-game interviews. They are almost in tears because they feel like LOSERS! In reality, they are the second best team or athletes in the world! Aren’t the last place teams the losers? 

How different it is with whom God chooses as His favorite instruments to get His Plan accomplished! He actually looks for what everyone considers “losers”. He seeks out the weak, the base, the foolish and powerless to get His will done. Are you “qualified” to be used by God?

 God is not looking for superstars, super-gifted people, or “heavily talented” people to use to establish His Kingdom. He’s not even looking for “average” people. He’s looking for “below average” people!! He deliberately chooses these kinds of people. Why? Because He delights in getting things done through them! When all is said and done, no one can claim credit for a job well done. They must give that glory to God Himself….and THAT is what God is after.

 God has many, many things to accomplish. Some are great; others are “small”. He knows exactly what people to choose to get it done. It really doesn’t matter if you’re doing a job that everyone sees, or one that only God sees. The important thing is that you’re doing something you were DELIB ERATELY CHOSEN BY GOD TO ACCOMPLISH. When you’ve finished, you can give God all the glory for calling, equipping and enabling you to get it done! This means that EVERY JOB IN THE KINGDOM IS A GREAT JOB. You and I are uniquely qualified by God to accomplish it! All that matters is that we finish our assignment! It is useless to compare ourselves with others, or to envy what someone else may be doing. No one else can do your job in the Kingdom. If someone else could, God would have chosen them, not you.

 There are no ‘losers’ in God’s Kingdom. There are no “second place” finishers. The race God calls us to run is a marathon. All you have to do to win is cross the finish line! We may cross at different times, but we all cross it. That makes us all winners in God’s sight…and we should be in our own sight as well. So, seek the Lord as to what He has called you to do for Him. Do it with everything you have within you, and give God all the glory! We are all winners on His team!

May the Lord bless you and your families!

Love in Christ, Pastor Damian