Our Vision

The first step in understanding who we are is to understand our Vision. The Vision for our ministry represents the reason for our existance and is a key goal of all the ministries of the church. As Senior Pastor, is it my responsibility to be sure to “stay the course” to pursue and accomplish this God given vision.

Our Vision is to establish a New Testament Covenant Community of believers who share our common vision of Discovering Meaning, Finding Purpose and Changing the World. That is, we believe that New Life begins when we discover Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. Once we are “born-again” of the Spirit, that life begins.

As we make a deliberate decision to become disciples of Christ, following His Commandments and Teachings, we will discover the true meaning of life and why we were created. Part of that discovery involves finding out what our spiritual giftings are and striving to develop them as we use them in the church and our community.

Knowing the Purpose for which we were created, we can now move out, fulfilling the Great Commission and impact our families, communities and, ultimately, the world. This sinful world system, and those who are trapped in it, will become transformed as we establish the Kingdom of God and displace
the kingdom of darkness, everywhere we go, in everything we do.