Our History

Lighthouse Tabernacle Church was founded on November 7, 1993. We held our first worship service at 11 Sampson Avenue, in Great Kills, where we ministered for 20 years. In 2013 we have moved to our new facility at 27a Brienna Court, in Charleston.

We started this ministry as a Friday evening meeting in the Old Town section of Staten Island. Before long, we grew large enough to begin holding Sunday services in Great Kills, and we’ve been meeting there since 1993. Our philosophy of ministry is that a church is not a building, but the people. Therefore, our focus has been building up the people, helping them find new lives in Christ and training them to follow Him as His disciples.

Our ministry staff is comprised of a Senior Pastor, an Associate Pastor and two Deacons. We follow a New Testament form of government for our church which requires that a Board of Elders governs the affairs of the church, the Senior Pastor being the presiding Elder. They oversee the entire spiritual direction and function of the ministry. The Deacons administrate the ministries of the church. Our Board of Trustees administrate over the financial and business affairs of the ministry. All positions are appointed by the Senior Past in prayerful consultation with the Board of Elders and an apostolic overseer. We are also in relationship with an Apostolic network which provides council and oversight to the leadership of the church.

If you have any questions about our church, or would like further information, please contact us through the website.

Thank you.