Becoming A Christian

Our understanding of what a true Christian is, comes from the Bible. In the New Testament Gospels, Jesus describes a follower of His as a disciple. A disciple is one who lives according to the example, modeled by the One he follows. A disciple the teachings and obeys the commandments of the One he follows.

In order to follow Jesus, as His disciple, we need a power to enable us to do so, that is beyond our natural ability and understanding. Jesus doesn’t call us to be religious. He calls us to become like Him. To do that, we need a brand new nature. The only way to receive that new nature is to believe God to do something He has promised He would do for all who desire Him to. He will give us that new nature. It comes to us through a New Birth! The new nature comes to us by the Holy Spirit and is something that God Himself imparts to us. This is why the Bible calls it, a New Birth! It is a new beginning! This is how we receive the new nature we need to follow Jesus’ teachings and obey His commandments.

Once the Holy Spirit gives us our new nature, the next experience He wants us to have is to be filled with Himself. This is the secret to living our lives for the Lord. It is God at work, within us, causing us to will and do, according to His good pleasure. Now, we have the ability in us to resist sin, obey the Lord’s commands and be led by the Holy Spirit. The sons and daughters of God are those who are led by the Spirit of God.

So, how do you become a True Christian? Just believe that Jesus Christ gave His life as payment for all your sins, past, present and future. You must realize that salvation is a gift from God and that you could never earn it by doing good works or being a good person. Once you receive that gift, you experience a New Birth. Once you’ve been “born again,” you set out to live a new life as a disciple of Jesus. Daily prayer, Bible study and a desire to be like Jesus, will help you become a disciple, and continue being His disciple. Anyone can be, and everyone must be, born again. It doesn’t matter what denomination you belong to, what church you attend or what tradition you’ve been raised in. Jesus came to call disciples to Himself, not start a religious denomination. And, finally, one day, we will see Jesus face-to-face, and we will be like Him and live with Him forever!

If you have decided to become a true Christian, please contact us and let us celebrate the event with you and pray for you! May God Bless you.