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Mar 02

Our High Calling

  “Our High Calling” “But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives…” Phil. 3:20   One of the aquatic birds that my family enjoys watching is a pelican. Whenever we’ve been to Florida, we watch and laugh as they fly low to the water and suddenly plop down into it to …

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Jan 31

God’s Favorite Instruments

“God’s Favorite Instruments” “But God has chosen things considered foolish… powerless…despised…considered nothing at all…”  1 Cor. 1:27   In this era of superstars and steroids, of American Idol, The Voice, and Britain’s Got Talent ordinary and average people seem to have no chance to really becoming something. Who knew we were surrounded by such a …

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Jan 03

Prepare to Encounter the Lord

  “Prepare To Encounter The Lord” “He will prepare the people for the coming of the Lord.“ (Luke 1:17b)  Whenever God is about to do something great, He makes all the preparations necessary for people to encounter Him. The story of the birth of John the Baptist illustrates this principle so very well. The Messiah …

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