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Aug 02 2014

“God is Moving”

 “God Is Moving”

Be still and know that I am God

Psalm 46:10a

This beautiful Psalm begins with a declaration that God is OUR Refuge and Strength, ALWAYS READY to help in times of trouble. Well, as we look at the world around us, these times definitely can be categorized as times of trouble. Issues surrounding our borders; the world and national economies are strained; the Middle East is at war and thousands of Christians are being persecuted around the world. How are things in your life?

     When we come into times of trouble, usually our first reaction is to try to fix it. We think, worry, devise plans and do whatever we can to avoid the problem or fix it as quickly as possible. We try to come up with OUR best plan and execute it in the hopes that the troubles will be resolved. This psalm provides an excellent process for us to engage in during times like this.

Let’s focus on the fact that, regardless of the seas roaring and mountains trembling, the Lord of Heaven’s armies is with us! He cannot be chased away by any troubles. He is never worried or overwhelmed. This is stated twice for confirmation from the Lord! One KEY to allowing God to intervene and MOVE on our behalf is to BE STILL…and KNOW…that I am God! But what does this mean?

“Be Still” means to cause to fall; let go. An important word here is “cause”. This means that you have to DELIBERATELY act let go of something. In other words, to get your hands off of what you are unable to change and let God deal with it His way in His time frame! In addition, the psalm says that “there is a river running through God’s City that brings it JOY…! Now this river is nothing other than the Holy Spirit flowing through the church (The New Jerusalem). He flows through us; troubles don’t stop God’s Spirit from flowing. And, He brings JOY! Joy in the midst of troubles. This is the telltale way to confirm that we’ve deliberately taken our hands off our situation and are trusting God with everything. We have JOY! This is a joy that is NOT dependent upon circumstances, but on the Spirit of God flowing through His Church! Here is the promise of the closing scene; God says, “I will be honored by every nation; I will be honored throughout the world.” This means that God will use all the chaos to bring about His will and plans. He will be honored.

Beloved, this psalm ends with a joyful and hopeful tone. God will be honored. This means He is moving and will keep moving until He is honored. Just let go of trying to fix things yourself. God is moving. He will not fail us! No matter what you’re going through; what you’re feeling or experiencing, GOD WILL BE HONORED IN ALL THINGS! Have faith in God. He has never caused those who put their trust in Him to be put to shame or confusion! Give everything into God’s loving and all-knowing hands; and get into the “River” and let the Spirit bring His JOY to you that “your joy may be FULL.”

May the Lord bless you all abundantly!

Pastor Damian

Jun 10 2014

Pentecost and The Last Days

Pentecost and The Last Days
“…In the Last Days, I will pour out of My Spirit…”
                                                          (Acts 2:17)

The question that is on everyone’s mind these days is, “Are we living in the Last Days?” Well, regardless of the timeline of prophetic events; and every prognostication concerning the Lord’s return, the feast of Pentecost celebrated in the year that Jesus ascended provides a definite answer. “Yes! We are in the last days.” 

In order to understand the full ramifications of this particular Day of Pentecost, we need to understand what it meant to Israel throughout Biblical history. Most Christians today equate Pentecost with “speaking in tongues”. While this phenomenon did occur on this occasion, there are other important aspects to the significance of this feast that we need to understand. 

Pentecost was associated with several aspects of the life of every Israelite. It was known as the Feast of Firstfruits; the Feast of Ingathering or Harvest of the wheat crop. The manifestation of speaking in tongues provides another symbolic truth and an actual fact that is the reversal of something that happened in Genesis. I’ll get to that in a moment. 

Since Pentecost, the Firstfruits of redeemed mankind was offered to the Father (just as the ceremony called for through Israel’s history). Who was the Firstsfruit? Jesus, of course. He was the “firstfruit” from the dead. The church (all 120 believers in the Upper Room) was the firstfruit of the “wheat” harvest. Remember, the kingdom of heaven is like wheat sown in the field (Matt. 13). The Harvest has been continuing since this event for 2,000 years! Yes, that indicates that the Last Days began that long ago.  Pentecost also points to something God initiated in Genesis. He had given Adam and Eve the Dominion Mandate to “multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it…” However, mankind soon failed as indicated by the building of the Tower of Babel. Mankind wanted to make a “name for itself” so the Tower to reach the heavens was built. God was displeased; came down and “confused” the languages of the people. They then split up and formed communities wherein the same language was spoken.

On this particular Pentecost, the people heard the wonderful works of God spoken in their native languages! God REUNITED the languages of the world at that time! Isn’t it amazing how God, through Christ and the Spirit’s outpouring, inaugurated the completion of the Dominion Mandate once again? Now, the Great Commission is the new Dominion Mandate where we are to proclaim the wonderful works of God to the entire world. As a sign that the entire world is to be united in Christ, believers everywhere will “speak with other tongues” (Mark 16:17). The Last Adam succeeded where the first Adam failed!

Beloved, we are living in the greatest time the world has ever seen. This is Harvest time! It’s time to extend the Kingdom of God everywhere, bringing all the nations to the Lord. Let’s spend our lives, talents, gifts and treasure to be sure that this takes place. As we celebrate Pentecost Sunday this month, let’s ask the Lord to use us to win a lost world to Him; demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit in the process!

In Jesus’ Name!

Pastor Damian


Feb 27 2014

Nourishment from Heaven

“Nourishment From Heaven”

“Jesus replied, ‘I am the Bread of Life…” (John 6:35a)

What are we living for?

We work, strive and expend so much time, energy, effort to obtain what we need to survive.  But we don’t only want to survive, we want to thrive! We work as if there will come a day when we don’t have to work any longer; we can rest in what we have labored for and stop working. But, deep down inside, we really don’t expect that day to come. After all, these are difficult times; and the reality of present economic circumstances make it almost impossible for us not to expect that  we’ll be working forever!

In verse 27 of chapter 6, Jesus tells His disciples, “…not to labor for the bread which perishes…” What does He mean? Doesn’t He know we have to work to survive? Of course He knows we have to work. However, He is saying in this passage that there is something greater we must spend our energy seeking— the eternal life that the Son of Man can give you…(John 6:27 NLT). How do we do that?

The illustration Jesus refers to in this passage is the manna that God gave through Moses to the Israelites in the wilderness.  How did Israel survive in the wilderness on manna? They had to gather it. They had to gather it every day, except on the Sabbath. They gathered as much as they needed for their families.  Their daily need for bread was met (anything extra turned to worms). So how do we spend our time and energy as it relates to the “Bread of Life”? We must believe in Him.  That is, we must earnestly seek Him; follow Him; obey His commands; live by His teachings.  This is what will bring us the eternal life that He promises. We accomplish this BY FAITH!

Here is the pattern for us; we must MAKE THE EFFORT (gathering) to seek Him. We must do so DAILY. Every day we must seek Him out and fellowship with Him. We cannot do this for tomorrow’s supply.  We cannot live on yesterday’s supply.  We must seek Him out as our Daily Bread. We must do so with such priority as if our lives depended on it.

So beloved, as we walk through the “wilderness” of this world—and it is a wilderness—let’s seek the Lord daily with all our hearts, minds and strength. Let’s believe on Him; following His commands, imitating His life and allow His Life to flourish in us by the power of the Holy Spirit. As we do this, we will come to possess that life which He came to give us. We will live like never before and be able to say with the Apostle Paul, “…I live by the faith of the Son of God Who loved me and gave Himself for me.” (Gal. 2:20)

May the Lord bless you and your family continually.

In Christ,

Pastor Damian


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